I was the best Mum.. before I became a Mum!

Don't roll your eyes, you know exactly what I am talking about; you know when you're out at a cafe or a restaurant and you're shaking your head and talking under your breath about the table next to yours because those ridiculous parents thought it would be a good idea to bring their children out for a meal. We would spend so much of our time sighing and getting bothered, making comments like "Why would they come here, with their kids?" closely followed by "When I have children there is no way I would take them to a place like this" or "When I have children, I will never let them behave that way" ... I know I laugh about it now too.

Is there a perfect age gap?

I know it's a question I asked a lot when contemplating having another child. I remember after having our first daughter, one of the first sentences out of my mouth was "she's going to be an only child" and then down the track it turned to "when she's 5 we will start trying for another". Don't ask me how it happened but all of a sudden babies were all around me and it felt like our daughter was getting ready to go to school; I just had this unbelievable need or want even to add another member to our family.