We need a little good in the world.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the devastating news to come out of Manchester UK. An Ariana Grande concert was targeted by a suicide bomber or bombers and without thought to those who would be hurt or possibly with intent to hurt and harm as many people as possible, they let loose and have significantly caused many families and friends to lose their loved ones. Tragic news broke after the incident occurred on Monday night.

Originally I had a blog post ready to publish and it spoke about what I now feel are pretty mediocre problems in comparison. I could not in good nature post this knowing that families were going through so much more then what I was complaining about. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware of the fact that there will always be someone out there that is worse off then me. But this was way too fresh on my mind to just skip over.

A lot of people have made the comment “It didn’t happen in Australia so I wouldn’t worry” is that really the way we think now, oh it’s in another country therefore it doesn’t really matter?

Not only did this bombing take place at a concert, it was primarily filled with a younger audience. In no way am I saying yes go commit horrible acts so long as it’s on an older generation, quite the opposite. I choose to believe that EVERY life matters and NOBODY has the right to decide when somebody elses life ends.

As you all know I have two young children and when the news come out of the death toll I cried, real, honest tears. What if someone I loved was there, what if my children were effected by something like this? It makes you want to wrap your children up in cotton wool and hold on tight for as long as possible. We all know that is just not possible, but it made me pause and really think about the world my children will grow up in. Will they be okay? Will they be allowed the privilege to grow old without anybody causing them harm or taking their life.

That thought right there can cause many sleepless nights and I am sure I’m not the only one who worries about such things. When something so horrible happens in the world it makes me want to find something positive happening just to brighten my day a little.

Thankfully I came across a post on Facebook last night about a young mum who by no means was well off financially and she had posted about a moment she had while at an ALDI store. An elderly gentleman in front of her at the check out had traveled an hour in to town to do his weekly grocery shop and had left his wallet at home with out realizing, he began to become flustered and embarrassed. With out even thinking she stepped forward and paid his $80 worth of shopping and the gentleman of course was entirely grateful for her act of kindness. Under this initial post many people had commented regarding their own acts of kindness or acts that had been directed towards them.

Some had also offered to pay for someone’s shopping that was short in change, some had helped mums struggling with restless kids while doing their shop, some had others walk them to their car holding an umbrella over them and their children so they didn’t get wet. A few members had stopped to help someone move a car that was holding up traffic while others just swerved and tooted in annoyance, some helped to change a tyre for a stranger stranded, some went as far as buying a hot meal or drink for their local homeless community. It didn’t even need to be a big gesture as above it could be as little as holding a door open or using their manners. It warmed my heart to see hundreds of comments with so much positivity and before I knew it I had sat there for an hour or so just scrolling through reading these comments.

What topped it off, was some of the comments were offering to give the original poster some money so she wasn’t short for the month because of her lovely gesture.

It makes you realise that with all of the negative and sad news we read and see, we don’t think about all of the smaller gestures of kindness or RAOKs (Random Acts of Kindness) that people are comitting every day that remind us there is good in the world.

And to never stop paying it forward to others, just because there are those of us who commit horrible, devastating acts does not mean we should give up and stop showing kindness in the world.

Something I’ve realised an act I do that I didn’t even think about until now was that I always offer to take other’s trolleys back for them to save them the journey. I also like to let others past first whether that be on the road, in a store or just walking on the footpath. One of the most gratifying responses is always from elderly community members when I offer to help them with technology, some don’t know how to put credit on to their phone, others aren’t to sure how to print their photos off at a Kodak Station. They are always so appreciative and are full of smiles and thank yous.

I’d like to hope that if my children get any of my traits, that they could have compassion for others. As it’s evident in this world it is much needed.

So I would love to hear your acts of kindness, or maybe someone has done something for you that made you pause and remember that we are not all bad, we are not all selfish in this world.


Comment below, or reach out on our social media pages to share your stories with us.




If you or anyone you know is struggling with these recent events please get in contact with Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14

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