What do you do in your free time?

I get asked this all the time.. “What do you do in your free time?” or “What do you do when the kids are in bed?” my first reaction is to laugh.

I laugh because I don’t really understand what free time is. When the kids are in bed I’m cleaning up all the mess that was made through out the day, I’m washing the 10,000 plates my daughter decided she needed for that one strawberry a few times over.

I’m bringing in the washing I didn’t get time to bring in because my baby was crying every time I would leave a metre radius of her and then I’m folding the washing and putting it away.

I’m wiping down the kitchen and moving the barbie doll off the bench that I asked my toddler to do on multiple different occasions. I’m picking up the hundreds of different toys off of the floor and packing them away just for them to be spread through out the house tomorrow morning.

You think I’m exaggerating, I’m not.. I literally repeat these steps on a daily basis.

I wash, I clean, I wipe, I pack away, I tidy, I dust and I constantly have something else to do before I sit down all while my partner is ‘coming to help in a second’.

I would love to know what it’s like to be able to put the kids down and have my day finish there and then, but I don’t. I have so many things to do before my head hits that pillow, that even when it does I’m thinking of what needs to be done tomorrow or the next day.

And it’s almost my own fault, I want things done in a certain way just so I know they’re done right. So I take it all on my own shoulders, but let’s be honest would my other half really help or just make more work for me?

It’s pathetic really, I resent him because he has all this free time (I know, drama queen over here). His response is always along the lines “Well what do you want to do? Or you need a hobby” I scoff because where and when do I have time for a hobby.

I swear my family assumes there is a maid that comes in to our house in cloak of darkness, little do they know I am that maid and I am one tired maid at that. So next time you think about asking me what I do in my free time, instead of expecting an answer how about we have a good old laugh together.


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