Mothers on Mother’s Day.. and every other day of the year.

I’m sorry, I need to be ‘that’ person for a second (or for a whole blog post).

I need to point out something we have all said at one time or another, WHY do we need ONE day a year for our kids, and let’s be honest our partners to appreciate us?

I’ve got to lay it all out in the open here, I would rather be acknowledged for something every day or every other day than to have another ‘No.1 Mum’ mug bought from the store. Why does it take one day of the year for somebody else to sit down with the kids and do a special craft? Heads up guys, the kids love doing craft every day of the year not just for this one occasion.

Don’t get me wrong, presents are lovely and cards with sweet notes in it really warm the heart, the scribbles from the kids will always be a keepsake to; but (and I’m sure I sound selfish) I would also love this more then once a year.

People have asked me “What are you doing for Mother’s Day?” or “Will the family spoil you?” I’ve not really been able to answer these questions because the truth of the matter is I have no idea what we will do for the day. But, I can guarantee you that, my day will begin with changing pooey nappies and making two different types of toast and will end with my toddler arguing for “One more minute mummy!” followed by my newborn waking for a feed right when I’m about to drift off to sleep.

Now I wouldn’t have it any other way, I know how quick time passes and before I know it they will be all grown up and will be out in the world. But, between now and then, my day doesn’t stop. Being a mum doesn’t mean that I look forward to that one day of the year that I get ‘off’ because I don’t actually get it off, contrary to what some people think I still do every little thing that keep this household running.

So to my always loving fiancé, it’s okay if there are no presents, it’s okay if you didn’t get time to make a craft with our crazy toddler and it’s even okay if you want the sleep in on Sunday instead of me.

I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the catch?” the catch is all I want from you and the girls is to be acknowledged more than one day a year. I don’t NEED the validation, but I would like it and to know and feel like what I do matters and is important and appreciated. Because trust me, I do it more than one day out of the year.

So give me that appreciation more then one day? Deal.

And if you can do both? Give me Mother’s Day and appreciate every little thing.. well even more.


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