Our Top 10 Baby/Toddler Products

I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at another post about which products you should buy for your babies/kids. I know I personally researched a lot to find out the bees knees products and went ahead and purchased so many different things, and in reality most of them were a waste of time.  Now who’s to say my list won’t be any different for you?

All I know is I’m only recommending products that I LOVE, that I use daily and that I buy for friends and family because I think they can’t be without!

When I spoke to a few others and told them I was creating this list they told me their favourites and there were a lot of duplicates, carriers and slings being a top listed product. Now I’m going to be honest, if that’s what you’re looking for you’re not going to find it here.

We do not use carriers, we have before; but do not use them for either our newborn or toddler regularly enough to recommend one. I think they are a brilliant idea although unfortunately I may be the only person in the world who can not figure out how to wrap a Hugabub (carrier) around me to safely hold my baby. When I try the other carriers all they do is emphasize my lovely muffin top and back rolls (no thanks).

So let’s cut to the chase, my 10 favourite baby and toddler products are as follows.

1- Snotty Nasal Aspirator

Oh yeah you heard it here first (maybe not first) these things are amazing, and my go to baby present for new mums! An automatic snot sucker, none of this sucking up a straw business in our household. Place it at the nostril of your baby/toddler and press a button. Hello Snot, goodbye snuffleupagus!

A great action for someone that can not blow their nose yet and it is just as easy for a toddler, ours doe’s it herself; it’s quick, painless and brilliant!

It runs on AA+ batteries and you are able to fully emerge it in to water so cleaning it is as simple as using it.



There are three different types, we currently have The Snotty Too.

2 – B.Box Sippy Cups

This isn’t any plain old sippy cup, these ones are pure genius! We own multiple in different colors. I hear you rolling your eyes not believing me; not only are there great handles on the side for kids to have a good grip but children can drink at any angle with this cup because of one huge thing, a weighted straw! What that means is your child can be laying in bed, on the couch, hanging upside down and the straw will drop down in to the liquid and allow them to continue drinking… need I say more?

Keep your eye out

for an upcoming giveaway on our Facebook & Instagram (@everylittlethingsblog) pages thanks to the always generous team at B.Box!



3 – Love To Dream Swaddles

If you’re anything like me, you want to sleep.. as much as possible.

Love To Dream swaddles allowed me to change nappies in the middle of the night with bleary eyes as quickly as possible by simply doing up a zip, none of this wrapping one arm under/ one arm over business. These are quick simple wraps that are still nice and tight on bub but efficient for mum and dad to. That’s not even the best part of sparing you sleepless nights, because babies arms are up by their head it allows them to suck on their hands and by allowing baby to suck on their hands it helps them to self soothe and put them self back to

sleep (okay maybe not every time, but it’s still a win in my books).



Not only do they create these great swaddles that keep your baby comfortable and secure, when the time comes and your baby realizes it’s fun to roll over; they also have a swaddle called the 50/50 which allows you to zip both arms off. By doing one at a time it allows you to slowly transition your baby to a simple sleeping bag, or nothing if that’s what you choose. I’m throwing money at Love To Dream at this point just to ‘Save my dreams’ (oh yeah, I went there).



4 – Sound Machine

While we’re talking about sleep (mmm, sleep..) let’s give a shout out to the ever amazing sound machines in our home that keep my children sleeping through and comforted.

We were all about making lots of noise in our home, “Our babies are going to have to get use to the sound, we’re not tip toeing around all day” (oh boy did I think I was the boss).

This worked for us to some extent but it turns out we make really light sleepers, welcome sound machines. I say machine(s) because we have two, one is a Bright Starts Lilypad Lullaby 3 in 1 Projector

(we purchased ours from Kmart 2+ years ago) that plays different lullabies and ocean sounds while displaying stars on the roof (also doubles as a nightlight they can carry). Sounds great, but in reality it runs on 4 AA+ batteries and we are changing them constantly.



We learnt our lesson the second time around and purchased a My Baby Sound Spa, it plugs in to the wall and off you go! I don’t know who loves them more the kids or Mum and Dad!



5 – Thermometer / Bath Thermometer

I’ve doubled up here but don’t let that take away from how amazing both products are.

It’s not something that I would of thought of to purchase myself (I know, shoot me now) but we were gifted an ear thermometer from family and it is my saving grace, I am horrible at touching someone and saying whether they are hot/cold. I’m also not the biggest fan of shoving one up my kids bums to get an accurate reading either, don’t even get me started on getting my two year old to sit still long enough to keep one under her arm long enough to get a reading either.

So in comes the trust Braun ear thermometer, pop it in their ear for a few seconds and ta da! I know if she’s running a high temp or not. It is worth it for the piece of mind trust me!



Keeping on the temperature venture, we were also gifted an AVENT bath thermometer and it’s great, we still use it to this day; it’s definitely not just good for a few weeks.

Now do you remember me mentioning that I was horrible at saying whether someone or something was hot or cold? Well that goes for the water temperature to. I can’t tell you the amount of times my partner or I ran the bath to hot just to be called out on it.

The AVENT thermometer is in the shape of a flower and floats in the water, it then gives you an accurate reading as to the temperature of the water. It even has the best temperature displayed above the screen in case you forget what you’re aiming for.

PLUS it doubles as a temperature for the room to, again displaying the best temperature for the room so you can try and match it. Two thermometers in one… yes please!


6 – Oricom Secure 850 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Of course our trusty baby monitor had to make it on the list, we previously had a different monitor (pre baby #2) and while amazing (breathing pads included) it didn’t allow us to add a second camera, so out with the old and in with the new.

Introducing the Oricom 850, it allows us to have one camera in our toddlers room and one in our babies room (up to 4 cameras max), the monitor shows us the temperature of each room, we can play lullabies already programed on the monitor to either both of the cameras or just one and it also boasts a two way communication. Meaning I can stay sitting down drinking my wine while talking through the monitor to my toddler.. (telling her to go to bed already).

It has patrol mode, “What does that mean?” I hear you asking, well it switches between both cameras every 10 seconds, allowing you to fall asleep comfortably and be woken when necessary, not missing a single thing!


Untxitled Design

7 – Detangler brush

Oh yeah, you bet your sweet self the brush made it on to this list.

It holds a special space in my heart, I have a daughter with curly, knotty hair and it was always a nightmare morning/night when it was time to brush her hair, almost so I wondered if i could just tie it up and not brush it just to spare the tears caused.

In comes the ingenious detangler brush and it was like magic, of course there is still a couple of knots you come across but my daughter actually lets us brush her hair now and doesn’t run away the second she sees it, she even brushes her own hair with it to.

And it’s not just for the kids either, I have multiple around the house now that we all use because there so gentle on the scalp and through my birds nest to.


Not to take attention away from the original creators, but we purchased all of ours from eBay for a fraction of the price.

8 – Bright Stars Ingenuity Swing

Now this was a huge splurge on our behalf (thankfully the grandparents put in to) but it was so worth it, we originally purchased for our first born and our now using it again for our second. It is quite big so you do need to allocate some room for it, but I can’t sing its praises enough.

There are 6 speeds, 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds. It has volume control and also boasts an AUX cable that allows you to plug in your iPod/iPhone if you want to play a specific song, there is also a section there that allows you to place your phone in towards the baby if you have a video playing to keep their attention to.

The mobile above spins and flashes lights (our newborn loves this feature) and the swing itself can run off batteries or plug it in to your wall for an everlasting genius machine.

The seat itself allows you to harness in bub and has two seat settings, reclined or upright and as if that’s not enough you can also flick the vibration on to lull your baby to sleep.

Our second born has reflux and being able to keep her upright and entertained while I’m chasing after my toddler has allowed the swing to pay for itself in handiness.




9 – Tommee Tippie Perfect Prep Machine

Now this one is for you fellow formula feeding mummies out there!

And full disclosure, we didn’t actually purchase this for our first born because I was under the impression it was not necessary, we got by just fine but we also had a first born that would take a while to work up to a cry because she was hungry, fast forward to our second born who goes from zero to one hundred in the blink of an eye and who screams until the bottle enters her mouth.

This machine is brilliant, no more waiting for the kettle to boil and then realising you haven’t plugged it in at the wall and then waiting a few more minutes just to realise there is no water in the kettle.. this baby does it all for you.

Simply tip normal water from your tap in to the machine and select what size bottle you are making, the prep machine has a filter in it that removes impurities and then disperses the right amount of hot/cold water to make it the perfect temperature for your baby to drink straight away. So no more waiting for a bottle to cool down all while trying to keep your baby calm while you wait. You also don’t need to use Closer to Nature/ Tommee Tippie bottles for this machine to work for you.



10 – Rice in a water bottle.

And to finish my list off in style, I bring to you my girls favorite, most inexpensive toy.

Rice in a water bottle.. no, your not reading that wrong. Simply tip some rice in to a water bottle, put the lid on extra tight (or use tape/glue) and hand it over.

I have spent more money on baby toys than I care to share, and yet this bottle has stood the test of time. My toddler still picks it up and runs around the house shaking it.



So that’s it folks, my top 10 baby/toddler products as it stands today!

Leave a comment with your top 10 products either down below or on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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