Black Box, What is it?

Let’s cut to the chase, do you love free things? Do you have a spare couple of minutes to answer some questions about said free things?

Well then welcome to Black Box!

Black Box is Australasia’s leading in-home marketing agency, as stated on their website.

I heard about this campaign via Facebook one day as i was scrolling through, it caught my attention because well.. freebies? UM YES PLEASE!

Simply register for an account HERE.

Answer a few simple questions about yourself and that’s it on your part; pretty simple.

When a new campaign arises that matches your profile they will send you out an email for you to lodge your interest and double check you still fit the criteria.

Today I’ve received my Black Box and it’s ALL about women.. In fact it’s called “All about Women” in it I received:

  • Kim Crawford – Sauvignon Blanc (Winery of the year)
  • Listerine – total care mouthwash
  • Bic – mega lighter
  • Tasti – SMOOSHED wholefood balls (Mocha Macchiato)
  • Weight Watchers – Macadamia & Cranberry
  • Heinz – lite aioli
  • Colgate – optic white toothpaste (product of the year)
  • Libra – ultra thin regular pads
  • Nivea – 4 in 1 firming body oil
  • Belvita – breakfast yogurt crunch
  • LavAzza – prontissimo classico
IMG_7038(A couple of items from my Black Box minus the coffee and wine, I’d like to say I already drank them.. but actually, I totally forgot to include them in the photo).

“What now?” I hear you ask, well you receive a few emails from the campaign over a 3 week period with competitions, more giveaways and prizes to win; after all is said and done you just need to follow the prompts in the emails and answer the questions as honestly as I can to provide real feedback for the intended parties.

You can update your details at any time making you suitable for other campaigns, keep in mind the more honest you are with your answers the more suitable the products will be.

I love freebies and am all for trying new things to provide some feedback, so if you think this is something that suits you head on over and check it out.



[PLEASE NOTE: I am not affiliated with this website at all, sharing for those like minded that might want to check it out!]

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