Thermomix First Impression


Okay before I get started a huge shout out to my soon to be Sister- in law, who was the one to get me interested in the Thermomix to begin with, this could be a huge addition to our household (or I’ve just wasted my pocket money for the year).

Thermomix has been around since 1971,  it is super handy for those with food intolerances and is a family orientated business that operates on 5 key principals: Trust, Respect, Excellence, Accountability and Dynamics.

The Thermomix cooks, mills/grinds, emulsifies, whips, steams, mixes, stirs, blends, chops, kneads, weighs and it has precision heating, blah blah blah, you don’t want to read everything you can find on their website you want to know my opinion (well at least I hope you do).


Thermomix is definitely easy to get in contact with, I went to their website Thermomix Australia, what I loved straight away was that I didn’t have to scroll through pages and pages of information to find the “Book Demo” button. Most of all it wasn’t something I had to wait until a consultant got in contact to find out the price of the machine, nor am I going to make you wait. To get your greedy little hands on one it’s going to set you back $2,089 (more on that below).

In a matter of 24 hours the consultant for my area had contacted me and booked me in for a few days time to host a demo. Now it is suggested to invite two additional people from different households to share the experience, you will also pick a menu to cook for your demonstration too (You provide a few ingredients and they provide the rest).

When that day comes you get to enjoy a few hours of being shown the ins and outs of a Thermomix and can ask AS MANY questions as you can think of, it’s pretty impressive how much they know about the product.

What’s even better is, you do most of the cooking yourself so its a really hands on project rather then just sitting and watching. After it’s all said and done your not pushed to buy or facing pressure to fork up that kind of cash on the dot. The consultants go away and leave you with their contact information to get in contact if you wish to.

Watching it actually do all the things it says it can do and with such a strong motor behind it was pretty amazing to say the least and learning more about it had us sold on it pretty quickly. Of course there were pros and cons for us such as being able to know what were eating with no hidden preservatives, being able to cook a meal quickly and efficiently and the automated step by step guide was nothing less then brilliant. But nothing is perfect and there a few things that we didn’t love also. I mentioned the strong motor earlier and with that comes noise, not all the time but when you turn this sucker up in speed it is incredibly loud!! but I’m guessing if the motor wasn’t strong I would be complaining about all the things it couldn’t do.

PRICE AND OPTIONS: What do you get?

  • Upfront $2,089
  • 12 Months interest free via ZIPMONEY with no deposit necessary
  • 3 easy installments

Now I’m writing this at a good time because as of yesterday Thermomix just announced a new promotion of 24 months interest free (of course I missed out on this).


We opted to pay half off and but the other half on interest free, that’s what worked for us but everyone is different.

Now I know you’re wondering what do you get for that, so was I!

The initial package you receive includes: The T5 Thermomix, mixing bowl, mixing bowl lid, blades, measuring cup, The Basic cook book, The Basic cook bock recipe chip, varoma, spatula, butterfly whisk and simmering basket.

Every couple of months Thermomix offers different extras just for hosting a demonstration, so for us we were able to get our hands on to a 2.6L round Thermoserver and a Thermomat duo pack.

Untitled Design.png


So you’ve ordered your Thermomix, it gets sent to you and you’re done right? NO!

Once you’ve ordered your Thermomix it gets delivered to your consultant who then comes out and sets it up for you and then takes you through some safety and maintenance tips and tricks! Before they leave they also take you through another cooking experience. Now I’m not sure if its the same every time but we made Vegetable stock (the best bit is it stores for 6-9 months and we won’t need to buy it again).

And before the consultant leaves she helps you to register on the Cookidoo website with your Thermomix. This website allows you to browse recipes and collections and my favorite part, it helps you to visually meal plan. Want a sneak peak in to Cookidoo? CLICK HERE.

So you’ve read my first impressions, As for any further thoughts on the Thermomix it’s only fair I give it a few weeks before I give an honest review on the product. Stay tuned!


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6 thoughts on “Thermomix First Impression

  1. Almost to a T my experience 2 years ago! I still use my machine every day and my family has learned to use it too. Best part is when you are able to start using it intuitively and don’t need to follow recipes all of the time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am looking forward to your next review, I’m
    Confident that you’ll be very impressed even more & fall in love with cooking after you get to regularly use your THERMOMIX . 👌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t use mine as much as I want to, but I did use it as a baby bottle steriliser before getting a dishwasher.

    Favourite recipe is homemade pizza dough, we do this once a week. And potato and leek soup.


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