Sneak peak in to Cookidoo.

What is Cookidoo?

We all love a good copy & paste, so this is how the website explains it:

“Cookidoo® is the home of Guided Cooking recipes. Lots of useful tools to help you organise and build up your recipe treasure – for easy and inspired cooking, every day with your Thermomix®”

So basically what it is, is your library for your Thermomix. It has all the Thermomix recipes from all of their collections that you can view, save and purchase. You can utilise this platform via web and any devices you have.

The BEST part for me, is the meal planning.. It is genius!

I am all about meal planning, So you log in and this what you see.


The tabs along the top make for a user friendly interface, So of course the first thing we did was to look through the recipes and find something we like, Butter chicken for instance is one of my partners favorites!


By clicking on the three little dots it gives you the option to add it to your weekly planner, you can plan as far forward as you like, so of course last night I went crazy on here planning my next weeks meals and some extras!


This is what I’ve planned out, so of course now your thinking you need to grab out the notebook and pen and start writing your shopping list right? wrong!

See that little button VIEW SHOPPING LIST! yep you got it by clicking on that its brings up every ingredient you need for each recipe, even better then that you can go ahead and cross off the items you’ve already got in the kitchen. Once you’ve finished that you can send it off to your email address and it categorizes it for you like below.

shopping list

So now all you need to do is the grocery shop and you’re on your way to making some new and exciting meals for the family. If your time poor like me jump on to Coles online (heads up – Coles online is free delivery on Wednesdays if you spend over $100) you’ve just planned and purchased it all from the comfort of your own home.

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